Famous Residents of Tenby

Throughout Tenby's varied history, a number of famous people have been born in the town or been connected with the town.

Robert Recorde (1512 – 1558) Introduced the equals sign "=" into mathematics

Gwen John (1876 – 1939) Artist and Sister of Augustus John

Augustus John (1878 – 1961) Artist and Brother of Gwen John

Tenby Davies (1884 - 1932) Frederick Charles Davies was born in Tenby in 1884. Freddy Davies, also known as Tenby Davies, went on to become one of the great Welsh athletes and was won the World 880 yards championship at Pontypridd in 1909.

Nina Hamnett (1890 – 1956) Artist and writer

Dick Francis (1920 – 2010) Jockey and writer

Kenneth Griffith (1921 – 2006) Actor and film-maker

Clive Merrison (1945 - ) Actor

Rosie Swale-Pope MBE (1946 - ) Author, Adventurer and round the World Walker

Grant Llewellyn (1962 - )  Conductor

Charles Dale (1963 - ) Actor with roles in Coronation Street and Casualty


The following people also visited Tenby

  • Beatrix Potter 
  • George Eliot
  • Admiral Lord Nelson and his mistress, Lady Hamilton.
  • Cromwell
  • Henry Tudor
  • The artist Turner
  • Haile Selassie reportedly spent time in Tenby during his exile (1936–1941) exercising his per cheetah on the South Beach.
  • The author Laurie Lee ("Cider With Rosie") spent many summers in Tenby
  • Bill Clinton visited in the 1990's






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