As part of the on-going development of the Tenby Visitor Guide, in July 2011 we added a directory of shops in Tenby.

If you have any suggestions for this or any other aspect of the Tenby Visitor Guide, please get in touch.

Item title Categories
BJ's Barber Health & Beauty | Shopping
Blooms & Beverages Cafés | Florists | Shopping | Weddings
Boho Beach House Tenby Clothing | Gifts | Shopping
Boots Chemists | Shopping
Braun's Butcher Groceries | Shopping
British Red Cross Clothing | Charity Shop | Shopping
Caldey Island Shop Gifts | Shopping
Cancer Research UK Clothing | Charity Shop | Shopping
Carew Market Outdoor | Shopping | Things to do in Tenby
Celtic Vision Photography | Shopping | Sport & Leisure Links

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I get a lot of enquiries regarding "what is there to do in Tenby when it is raining?" Why not have a look at the "indoor" section of "Things to do in Tenby" by clicking here? Things to do in Tenby in the rain!