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3 miles from Tenby, Saundersfoot is positioned in a wooded valley and has long been a popular holiday destination. Smaller than Tenby, offering a wide variety of shops, restaurants and entertainment it is considered the quieter option for a family holiday. There is a beautiful beach, a stunning harbour and many independent shops selling local produce, crafts, clothing, souvenirs and gifts.

It is situated in the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park and has plenty of parking available (although still gets very busy in the summer!). There are boat trips from the harbour as well as an amusement arcade in the centre of the village and plenty of pubs, restaurants and cafes if the weather is poor.

You can walk along the beachside tunnels through to Wiseman's Bridge where there is a nice beach as well as a pub for lunch or you can explore some of Saundersfoot's history including St Issell's Parish Church just outside of the village. Originally a small fishing village in the 1800's, good quality anthracite waand coal was s discovered so in the early 1800's the harbour was built alomg with a train line along the strand in order to move the coal from the coal mines. Tourism picked up after the Second World War when coal was less sought after.

There is a regular bus from Tenby (from outside the multi storey car park next to Sainsbury's) but be aware that the train station is a long walk from the village.


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