About the Tenby Visitor Guide

Tenby is a place that is very dear to my heart and always will be. It has an endearing timeless appeal that lures people back year after year, generation after generation and seems to remain as lovely as it always has been.

My parents settled in Tenby before I was born. My sister, brother and I used to spend endless summers on the beach when younger and then helped out in the family businesses as we got older – my father owned the Amusement Arcade that used to be under the archesHeidi and Jon above the North Beach many years ago and I used to love helping out in the cash desk when it was busy.Later teenage years were great fun with a choice of interesting night spots (Chequers Nightclub was by far the best for years!) and all through University we would be back to soak up the laid back, calm atmosphere and the Pembrokeshire pace of life. 

Once married with young children the lure was still there and even now it is my children’s favourite holiday destination even though they have travelled all over the world. Despite losing my Dad in 2003 (and my Mum many years previously) we continue to go two or three times a year and still enjoy it as much as ever.

The lack of a comprehensive directory of information for Tenby led me to set up the Tenby Visitor Guide with a view to answering any queries to the best of my knowledge.

I suppose I am a local girl at heart but see Tenby from a visitor’s point of view so feel fairly well equipped to answer what I can to help you have the best holiday possible and enjoy Tenby as much as I do!




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I get a lot of enquiries regarding "what is there to do in Tenby when it is raining?" Why not have a look at the "indoor" section of "Things to do in Tenby" by clicking here? Things to do in Tenby in the rain!